The second semester of the physics sequence. We begin with a review of Oscillation, then Waves (for about 3 weeks), but we mostly cover Electromagnetic Phenomena: Electric fields, Electric Potential, Gauss' Law, Magnetic Fields, Maxwell's Equations.

Physical optics. Special theory of relativity. The quantum theory of light. The quantum theory of matter.

(note: Lectures in Rose Mondays at 11m, Tuesdays at 4pm and Fridays at 11am)

Physical measurements and analysis of experimental data. The experiments test and apply some basic principles selected from the following fields: mechanics, sound, electromagnetism, optics and modern physics. Experiments and topics may vary each semester. Digital and analog laboratory instruments; computer acquisition and analysis of data. Estimate of systematic and random error, propagation of error, interpretation of results. This course complements three lecture courses, Ph 112, Ph 213, Ph 214.

Ph328 General Relativity